The moped is one of the most classic means of transportation. Now the Vässla e-moped takes it one step further. Soundless, battery driven and in classic retro style this moped not only takes you from A to B, it also makes you smile and your friends envious. And no wonder. With its metallic blue colour and brown leather seats it's truly adorable.


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Tech specs

Motor: 1800W, BOSCH Rear Hub.

Speed: 45km/h, this is the highest legal standard in the EU.

Distance: 40-60 km/charge with one battery. Two batteries are optional if 120km is wanted.

Battery: Samsung 1.2 kWh, 60V, 20A.

Recharging time: 5-6 hours.

Certificates: EN15194:2009, this is the legal standard in the EU.

Warranty: 2-year warranty on all parts.

Weight: 60 kg.


This E-scooter has a semi high, easy step-in saddle. You mount it like your visiting the hairdresser. It is suitable to all genders.

Legal information

This e-scooter complies with the legal standard in the EU (EN15194:2009) which guarantees it is built correctly and that it is legal to ride it in public when it's registered. We have prepared all the paperwork so it simple to register and then ride. 

If you have taken an AM car license in 2004 or earlier, you do not need to take a separate moped driving license. Otherwise, you need a valid EU-moped driving license.