The perfect hybrid of a scooter and an e-bike. Looks like a bike, but has no pedals, runs like a scooter. Easy to ride, light weight and small. Outstanding stability, durability and comfort with suspension for the saddle. The battery is easy to dismount at bring with you. This is the real McCoy, not like those small plastic mini-bikes you get for free when buying a TV.


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Tech specs:

Motor: 250W, rear mounted, brushless hub.
Top speed: 20 km/h
Range: 40 km
Recharging time: 4 hours 100%, 1 hour 80%.
Battery: Samsung
Weight: 21 kg
Battery weight: 3 kg.
Tyres: 14 inches
Frame: Solid Aluminium
Brakes: disc brakes on both wheels.
Fun: 100%

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